Founded in 2009 Quint Group was a response to the rapidly changing consumer finance environment. Based in the UK with a presence in the US, Australia and Poland. Technology is at the core of the company and has been since it's inception enabling it to react quickly to changes in the market to deploy new products and processes.


Monevo is Europe’s largest lending marketplace and platform, enabling over 150 lenders to access over £6bn GBP of consumer credit applications annually. Monevo operates in the UK, Poland, US and Australia.

The platform allows online banks, brokers, lenders, a liates and other third parties to o er lending solutions to their consumers from the 150 integrated lenders within Monevo’s marketplace. And they do this through one simple integration and relationship.

Money Guru is the UK's fastest growing credit-focused price comparison site allowing consumers to search for, and compare tailored credit cards, loans, mortgages and other financial services.

The site focuses on credit products, particularly credit cards and loans. Money Guru uses market- leading technology to provide tailored results for UK consumers from a panel of over 150 providers.

Acquired specialises in providing financial services businesses with tailored payments solutions and technology. With a goal to de-mystify the commercial, technical and risk elements of the payment space, adding value and improving performance for our clients on an on going basis.